Golf is a challenging game and many golfers are frustrated with their performance. The most overlooked area that will make the biggest difference is the MENTAL GAME of GOLF. Golfers have struggled to find ways to be consistent through traditional golf instruction or buying the latest state of the art driver. Peak performance in golf is the ability to integrate your mind, body, and swing to shoot lower scores and with an increased enjoyment of the game.

What Rick Sessinghaus, “Golf’s Mental Coach” teaches is a system of improvement that integrates his PERFORM System. The psychology of golf has become more accepted as a way to lower scores, yet so many are still confused about what it is and how to apply it to their game.

This consists of:

  • Assessing current goals and challenges for improvement
  • Implementing the skills needed to reach your goals
  • Mastering these skills so you can perform at your best no matter the situation


Purpose: Have a goal, target, intention with every round and practice session

Emotion/Energy: Maintain proper emotions and energy level during the round

Role: Understand the behavior that match the role of a great golfer

Focus: Pay attention to what is relevant in the present and what can be controlled

Optimal State: Believe in success with the needed confidence and attitude level

Resilience: Utilize the tools to overcome any challenge

Mastery: Take responsibility for your actions and results by creating a routine



PERFORM Mental Game Profile helps us identify performance gaps revolved around:

  • Motivation
  • Goal Setting
  • Comfort Zone
  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Emotional Control
  • Tournament Preparation
  • Practice Habits
  • Mental Toughness


DISC measures the degree of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientious behavior. Everyone has their unique level of each in the context of their role in sport. (Other profiling tools say you are this or that. DISC measures as a scale, which is more accurate and useful; and allows rapid comparisons to be made.)

The four-quadrant model explains the behavior of people with high degrees of D, I, S and C. For example, someone with a high level of Dominance, is direct and faster-paced (x-axis); guarded and goal focused (y-axis). In contrast, someone who has a high Steadiness, is indirect and slower-paced (x-axis); open and relationship oriented (y-axis).

Conflict can occur with people of different DISC styles due to their conflicting priorities (the y-axis, task/goal vs relationship/people focus) and/or their pace (x-axis, slower vs faster).


DISC Profile-determine triggers

Athlete Assessments’ behavioral profiles are all about understanding the drivers of coaches, athletes and sports professionals. The AthleteDISC, CoachDISC and ManagerDISC profiles use proven profiling techniques and based on decades of behavioral research and many years of top level sporting experience. After completing your questionnaire, which takes just 7-10 minutes, you receive an in depth 44-page personalized report. Your report analyzes your personal style, strengths and limitations and gives you tools and strategies you can start using straight away.


PERFORM Coaching Call/Session Assessment

  • Create a PERFORM action plan
  • Discover specific situations that affect mental game performance
  • Outline plan for future coaching sessions- going from assessment to implementation of skills
  • Discuss resources that will be provided including: videos, audios, and worksheets



Begin Training Using the Perform System

  • Ongoing working session with Coach
  • Ongoing assessment to determine the tools needed for improvement
  • Work with clients to use these new skills, how to implement, when to use the skill
  • Ongoing feedback from Coach to reassess ongoing
  • Developing new habits
  • Determine and assess if the system works under stress
  • Always go back to the PERFORM system is the person connected to this?
  • Client provides ongoing/weekly feedback for continued assessment

On-Course Coaching Helps Achieve:

  • Pre-shot routine
  • Post-shot routine
  • Course strategy


Focus Band Training

I am a certified Focus Band trainer. The Focus Band measures your arousal state while performing a swing routine and is able to measure and highlight to the golfer areas that are causing mental blockages. As the mental coach I can now apply drills to ensure the golfer is now free of mental chatter and is able to Focus and swing with minimal anxiety and tension. When you start a motor pattern from the same arousal level as when it was practiced, the motor pattern will be able to be retrieved and executed with accuracy and consistency. The mind/brain controls the body movements so when there is a problem in the golf swing these scenarios need to be investigated:

  • Brain was not given a clear enough picture of the intent.

  • Neural system was not able to pass the message on to the muscles due not knowing the pathway to the intended muscles and/or it took too long to get the message to the muscles

  • Muscles were not physically able to perform the motion due to poor conditioning or they were given the incorrect instructions



Motivation- creating the right type of motivation to excel

Goal Setting- Developing a plan to achieve your goals



Understanding the correct emotional state to play your best

How your mental and physical energy affect your performance


Playing golf requires different skill sets then other areas of your life.

Define the behaviors that great golfers exhibit while in their role as a golfer


Create the proper pre-shot routine to keep you focused on what is relevant

Understand which techniques will get you refocused after a distraction

Optimal State:

Learn how to remain confident even if you are playing poorly

How to adjust to the correct intensity level that affects your physical state


Overcome poor shots so they don’t ruin your round

How to bounce back after a poor round and look forward to your next round


Sustained greatness comes with practice

Learn the success routines that lead to long-term improvement


Individual Coaching Options

Spend a full day with Rick in person at Valencia Country Club (or your club- additional fees will apply). This 8 hour day will include covering all aspects of the PERFORM for Golf system with the majority of the time spent on the course applying the techniques. Rick will assess your pre and post shot routines, course strategy, and specific mental game situations on the course.


    •  PERFORM for Golf profile
    •  Athlete DISC profile.
    • Copy of Rick’s book, Golf: The Ultimate Mind Game
    • After the day follow up email providing action steps to be taken by student.


Whether in person or over the phone/Skype this commitment is designed to truly implement the mental and emotional skills.

o   PERFORM for Golf mental game profile

o   Athlete DISC profile

    • Customized PERFORM for Golf program
    • Weekly hourly sessions
    • On course coaching (if applicable)


  • All of the above included and:

o   Unlimited texts, email support

o   Phone calls to answer quick questions and provide support in between sessions

o   Rick watching you compete at least one time in person (additional travel fees may apply)